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<strong>Instructions (click 'Toggle Full Description')</strong> <ol> <li>In the top right-hand corner, there is one dataset available for download. Click the button labelled 'TAR'.</li> <li>The dataset is downloaded as a WinZip (.zip) file. Extract the files to the desired location.</li> <li>Once extracted, there will be 5 files in total. Use your internet browser to open the file named 'index.html' to access the data. This file can be opened in any standard browser, but works best in Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.</li> <li>In the left panel is a list of all the proteins identified in the MS analysis. When you click on a particular protein, the corresponding peptograph appears in the centre panel, which shows the peptides detected for each protein (Dix et al., 2008). Peptides detected in the ‘no protease’ control are represented in green, and peptides in the mouse GrB treated sample are represented in red. When you click on a specific peptide, the MS data for that peptide appears in the right panel.</li> </ol>

Monash University
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