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ROIs created from GingerALE (v2.1) meta-analysis of antisaccades and prosaccades reported in: Jamadar, Fielding, Egan (2013). Quantitative meta-analysis of fMRI and PET studies reveals consistent activation in fronto-striatal-parietal regions and cerebellum during antisaccades and prosaccades. Front. Psychol. 4:749. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2013.00749 ROIs are given for 2 meta-analyses (antisaccade > fixation, antisaccade > prosaccade) presented in the above paper. The ROIs are given in nii format in MNI space. The naming convention is: contrast_x_y_z_label_cluster# e.g. AS-PS_-2_-56_50_LPCUN_9 is from antisaccade - prosaccade analysis, tal coordinates (-2, -56, 50), left precuneus, cluster #9. Cluster number refers to the number given in Tables 2-4 in the manuscript. Labels are a guide only and were calculated from the peak ALE value within the cluster (Tables 2-4, Jamadar et al.). Please cite the above paper if you use these ROIs in your analysis. Any queries email Sharna Jamadar: or

Monash University (Monash Biomedical Imaging)
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